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Carbide insert is made of hard compounds of refractory metals and bonding metals through powder metallurgy. Carbide inserts are used in conjunction with disposable tools and used for cutting metal workpieces.
The carbide insert is designed according to the variety of materials of the workpieces. Commonly the carbide insert can be divided into steel, stainless steel, cast iron, hardened steel, non-ferrous metal, exotic alloy cutting. 
Carbide inserts according to different processes while cutting, it is designed for continuous cutting, general cutting, interrupted cutting.
Carbide inserts, cermet inserts and CBN insert are widely used. With different coating, it can control the inserts to upgrade cutting the hardness of the workpiece. PVD and CVD coating is common. 
Carbide inserts for turning, it has ISO and ANSI coding rules, but for different materials of the workpieces and chip breaker of carbide insert made by different manufacturers, the code of chip breaker and grade of the carbide insert will be totally different. Therefore, each carbide inserts manufacturer will release the table or chart likes a comparison of insert grade or chip breaker between well-known insert brands.
Speaking of chip breakers of the carbide inserts, the chip breaker can control the break and the removal of the chip while doing the cutting process. Some of them are designed with a center hole or no hole carbide inserts. 
Back to the theme, the carbide inserts for turning, some inserts are negative angle inserts. Negative angle blades can be used on both sides, such as CNMG or TNMG.  On the opposite, the positive angle inserts one side cutting only, likes CCMT, DCMT.
Carbide insert is not only for turning but also for other cutting processes, likes drilling, threading, milling, grooving, and parting-off.
Carbide inserts for milling, the most common inserts are APMT1135, APMT1604 rectangle shape inserts, and SEET, SOMT, square shape milling inserts. For round-shaped milling inserts likes, RDMT. 
Carbide inserts for drilling, the diamond-shaped inserts like WDXT insert. For the square-shaped inserts, there are SPGT and SPMT inserts. About the trigon-shaped 80 degrees insert, WCMT is commonly used.
Carbide inserts for threading like 16ER AG60 or 16NR AG60 (16IR AG60), for different pitches and different materials of the workpieces, the threading inserts will be different. For bigger threading inserts like 22ER N55, it's also popular.

Carbide inserts for grooving and parting-off, each manufacturer has their code system. Each grooving or parting-off holders have a unique insert. It almost cannot be replaced by other manufacturers' inserts.

Our Carbide Insert products mainly include Cnc Insert, Milling Insert, Grooving Insert, Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Lathe Inserts, Carbide Lathe Inserts, etc.

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