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End mills are one kind of cutting tool for metalworking. End mills are specially used on the surface cutting process of the workpiece and this action is called milling. Best end mills can offer high precise and good quality surface performance after milling.
End mills we offered are all manufactured by us with 100% quality guarantee. The machine that makes the end mills are all directly imported from European industrial indicators countries, Switzerland and Germany. All end mills are inspected via hard training engineers with high precision inspection equipment. 
According to the different cutting terms, end mills are designed into a variety of tools. Under different cutting degrees, end mills are designed with different helix angles. The most common is 35, 45, and 55 degrees. To meet the different shape of the cutting result, end mills are divided into different application likes square(flat), ball nose, corner radius, and chamfer.
End mills are also designed for metal and non-metal cutting. For instance, end mills for non-metal cutting, alloy metal, such as end mills for aluminum (alloy metal). Others end mills are generally can do with the common material metal, such as carbon steel, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

To upgrade the hardness that the end mills do, the cutting flute of the end mills adopts chemical element coating processing such as Altin or Tisin. For alloy non-metal cutting, the coating process for the end mill is not necessary.

Our End Mills series products mainly include End Mill Cutter, Mills Tool, End Mill Bits, Carbide End Mill, Ball Nose End Mill, etc.

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