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Milling cutter is one of the metal cutting tools used on a milling machine or processing machine. The body of the milling cutter is cylindrical or shell-shaped, and there are several insert pockets outside the circumference of the top of the body. 
After the insert is fixed to the milling cutter body, surface milling is performed. Some milling cutters have water holes for cutting fluid around the insert pockets, which use powerful water jets to enhance chip removal and reduce the temperature generated during milling.
The milling cutter is designed according to different processing applications, including surface milling, shoulder milling, slot milling (groove milling), profiling.
Every milling cutter has its code, and the rule is that there are no rules. For each manufacturer of milling cutters, define their own coding rules for milling cutters. With the unique pocket design, the insert of each milling cutter is also unique.
Milling cutters can be slightly divided into the holder, shell-shaped, and the exchangeable head. Insert shaped of milling cutter commonly has Parallelogram (85 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Round, and other specials. 
No matter up-milling, down-milling, rough milling, finishing milling, milling with cutting fluid as wet milling or dry milling, each milling cutter has its characteristics. Check the material of the workpiece and the cutting terms, and find a suitable milling cutter, you will have an excellent cutting result.
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