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Tapered End Mills
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Tapered End Mills

Best precision Tapered End Mills for sale. 3 degree tapered end mill with 2 flutes are exstock. Current available diameter shank of tapered end mills are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

Model:EMM 2000T00

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Best precision Tapered End Mills for sale

What material is best for end mills?
Two of the most common materials used in the manufacturing of end mills are high speed steel (HSS) and carbide. HSS is useful in older, slower, or less rigid machines as well as one off or very short run production.

Each side of the tapered end mills has 3 degrees taper.

With the tapered end mills, you are able to have better performance on the cutting process, including angular plunge grinding, full slotting, and right-angle slotting.

The helix angles of tapered end mills is 35 degrees. 

12% Cobalt content of tapered end mills can be used on the hardness of workpiece <55HRC. 

The cutting data of tapered end mill_10 mm diameter shank:

n =1900 (min), Slotted_Vf= 120 (mm/min), and Side_Vf=375(mm/min)

Other size diameter of cutting, please refer our cutting data of EMM2000T030.

EMM 2000T00

2 Flutes Fapered End Mill

Tapered End Mills

Tapered End Mills

Model No Stock d R(1/2 d) L1 L2 D L
EMM2025T030 . 3.34 2.5 8 50 4
EMM2040T030 . 5.57 4.0 15 50 6
EMM2060T030 . 7.89 6.0 18 60 8
EMM2080T030 . 10.62 8.0 25 75 12
EMM2100T030 . 13.67 10.0 35 100 16

*Reserve the right to modification due to technical requirements. 

*Please refer to the physical product.

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