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The turning tool holder is widely used in industry and related industries, including automotive, aeronautics, power and energy-related equipment, construction machinery, industrial machinery, hardware tools manufacture, die and mold tooling, and so on. 
The tool holder is used for internal boring or external turning metal cutting. When turning, the tool holder or boring bar is always used with carbide inserts.
Relating to the turning tool holder or boring bar, the way how to set the insert on the holder stably (clamping system). There is top clamping without a hole, wedge lock holding (top with a hole), top and hole clamping, and screw-on clamping. 
According to the needs of different cutting angles of the workpiece, there are different turning tool holders and boring bars. 
Depending on the direction of the machining feed movement, there will also be turning tool holders or boring bars in different directions, such as the left-hand or right-hand tools.
For external turning to provide different sizes of tool holders or boring bars to meet cutting conditions. For each size of the turning tool holder or boring bar, there is also their respective corresponding total tool length. 
For example, the total length of the tool holder for external turning with a height of 25mm is 150mm.
In order to enhance the removal of chips during the turning process, the turning tool holder or boring bar can be designed with an internal direct water jet system to the cutting edge of the insert. At the same time, the temperature generated during cutting is greatly reduced. 
The material of the tool shank directly reflects the extensible length of the boring bar during internal turning. Generally speaking, the extensible length of the holder of general steel is three times the length of the shank diameter. The maximum extensible length for alloy tool steel (SKD61) shank is quadruple as long as the shank diameter. The extendable length of the carbide shank is the longest, about 6 to 7 times the shank diameter. The good rigid material of the tool shank can suppress the vibration generated during processing, then improve machining accuracy. 
The above effective extensible length is just for reference. After all, the material of the workpiece, tool shape, machining condition must affect the multiple. 
Coding of the turning tool holder or boring bar is all followed with ISO. The unit of measurement of the tool holders is metric (mm) or imperial (inch). In the East of the earth, most engineers adopt metric units. In the US tooling imperial unit is common to see.
There are also tools that are produced for specific industries, such as a series of turning tool holders for making hand tools, or used by specific machines, such as tool holder for automatic lathes.

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